Plan your day with Get Well Cities. Created for everyone – whether you’re new to wellness or already blending a green juice every morning on the way to the gym – Get Well connects you to places, websites, and events that inspire.

Want to book a vegetarian-friendly restaurant for fancy date night? How about breaking a sweat at the best fitness studio around? A swanky spa where you’ll be pampered for sure? Just launch Get Well, and we’ll show you the best wellness-oriented places and experiences that are all around you.


Our Story

Get Well took root in 2014 on a walk to lunch in New York City. Looking for a healthy place to eat, we asked, "Why isn't there a trustworthy app that can help us find healhty places to eat nearby?" Since that spring afternoon in Manhattan, we've published a pretty good directory of wellness businesses and added a wellness concierge service.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”

-- Anonymous