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What are your standards?

Our process for including places, events and websites in Get Well is ever evolving. We are constantly refining our wellness standards.

The restaurants, gyms, and etc ...


We appreciate menus that give information on where produce is sourced, where the animals are raised, and how the food is prepared. When that information is not readily available, we appreciate knowledgeable staff that is enthusiastic about answering our questions.

We like places that:

  • Offer a several plant based options on the menu with fresh lots of fresh vegetables.
  • Raise the animals featured on the menu or in the butcher case with humane sustainable practices and without hormones.
  • Support sustainable practices from farm to table, even though this doesn't always mean local. Farmers in Kansas need to eat too.
  • Provide flexibility in preparation of our meal when we share our dietary needs with staff.
  • Prepare meals that support options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, local, organic, and GMO free.


We work out at the gyms, studios and spaces we include in the app. We provide places that offer diverse definitions of movement from A to Z.

We like places that:

  • Embrace diversity and are accepting of people at all skill levels, ages, sizes, and body types.
  • Provide a welcoming and comfortable space.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity toward people who are just starting out on their wellness journey.
  • Keep the facilities clean with classes that are plentiful and equipment that is safe and well maintained.
  • Employ instructors and trainers who are certified, knowledgeable in their field, and eager to provide guidance and feedback.


From alternative medicine and forms of healing to high-end spas, beauty, and fitness retail we like places that:

  • Pay staff a fair and legal wage.
  • Offer beauty and wellness products that are clearly labeled and understandable. If we can't pronounce the name of an ingredient, and most of the inventory seems that way at a store or service, we don't include the place or product in our directory.