Plan your day with Get Well's mobile app. Created for everyone – whether you’re new to health and wellness or ordering smoothies every morning on the way to the gym – Get Well connects you to places, websites, and experiences that inspire.

Want to book a restaurant for fancy date night? How about the best fitness studio around? A fantastic spa where you’ll be pampered for sure? Simply launch Get Well and it’ll show you the wellness-oriented places and experiences that are all around you.


* Discover amazing restaurants that feature healthy, whole foods on the menu
* Explore great gyms indoors and out for fitness and exercise (we count sex as exercise too and list some of the best places around for adult toys)
* Search for fancy and affordable shops and spas and both online and retail outlets for beauty, makeup, personal care, and fitness gear
* View the best wellness websites and download the tasty recipes for preparing healthy, organic meals
* Search or browse our database of thousands of destinations. If you can't find something? Chat with a personal wellness coach in the app or iMessage us
* Browse the list or explore the map (the map is kind of pretty too -- it's custom and we like how it looks)
* Share places, websites, and events directly to email, iMessage, Facebook, and Twitter (and see our feed right in the app)
* Keep a list of all your favorite experiences and destinations

Ways You Can Browse & Search

* Chat - Henry, our wellness chatbot, can help you find people, places and experiences right in the app or through iMessage
* Restaurants - if you're vegan or vegetarian or like a good steak from time-to-time, search by Nutrition, Cuisine, Attire, and Good For.
* Gyms, Fitness Studios & Parks - discover places, websites, and experiences by amenities, workouts, and fitness level
* Stores & Spas - find by healing services, products, and people served (not everyplace is for everyone)
* Cost & Rating - we scour lots of different sources to come up with an accurate cost and rating
* Reservations & Schedules - all the links to all those things are in the app


To start, search by city or category.


Chat with a personal wellness concierge to get personalized recommendations and coaching for your wellness journey.


View details for each place we curate and save it to your list of favorites.


Browse places on the map to find healthy options nearby. We'll let you know when you're near something you've favorited.

Version 3.0

Welcome to Get Well 3.0. This update is all about a total re-imagination of one of Get Well’s key features, and we think you’re going to love it.

Many of you know and love the places we’ve curated in New York City. We love those places too. One of the best things of our old app is its ability to help you discover the best wellness experiences that are all around you. Now you can discover those places in more cities around the world.

Because we can’t curate everything, and we love interacting with people who are also into wellness, health and fitness, we added a chat feature, which can be accessed from the Home view or by tapping the chat icon on the tab bar. The chat feature lets you instantly get in touch with a personal wellness coach who can expertly search for those hard to find experiences (or a place we just plain missed) and even book reservations for you.

We’ve had so much fun building and curating this version of Get Well, and we’re so pleased to share it with all of you. So, check out the update and #getwell.

By the by, if you’re so inclined, we’d love it if you took a moment to rate Get Well here on the App Store. It helps more than you know!